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The Envelope Please………..Sara Krivickas from Adelaide!!

March 10, 2010

Sara is the, (SAY IT LOUD) “Winner, Winner-Chicken Dinner” of last weeks Hops NBL Trivia Competition.

Yea, that’s right boys, you got your asses kicked… a chick!  Now, now,  you can lick your wombs some other time because it’s ‘CEL-E-BRATION’ time for Sara on a job well down. 

We had quite a few entries but only two ballers got it right.  Sara’s email arrived first!  Most had Ronaldson’s number of games played wrong!

Anyway, Sara will receive her new, free pair of Hops Footwear shortly; they’re already in the mail and how coool is that!

Just in case you’re wondering what the correct answers are, think no more! 

1) Tony Ronaldson retired with more NBL games played than anyone else in history.  How many games did he play?


2) In 2007, the Tigers David Barlow set a NBL record by doing what?

Barlow went ‘100%’ from the field; shooting 14-14FG & 8-8 3ptr for a career high 37pts at the ‘Cage’ vs the New Zealand Breakers.

3) Who has been part of the NBL as both a player and a coach for over 20 seasons, but has not been part of a NBL Championship winning team?

Gordie McLeod – 12 seasons as a player & 10 seasons as a coach

The last question could be history instead of trivia by this weekend!

See ya next week Ballers,



There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home………….

March 8, 2010

What up ballers!  Sorry about the ‘Scouting Reports’!  Go ahead….I’ve been called ‘Slack’ before!

Anyway, the Wollongong Hawks are about to face their ‘Do or Die’ Game 2 of the NBL Grand Final Series versus the Perth Wildcats and if there’s anything that we should have learnt from Dorothy…………(see above title).

The Home-boys are an impressive 15-1 at the WIN Entertainment Centre, tasting the agony of defeat only at the hands of a red-hot shooting Adelaide team.

But let’s take a closer look at the numbers by the Hawks and their opponents in those 16 games at the Sandpit:

Hawks –                    1st          2nd          3rd           4th           Total

                                      24.5        22.1          20.0         21.5             88.1

Opposition –          1st           2nd          3rd          4th           Total

                                      17.6         20.5          18.3         21.4            77.9

Notice anything?  The Hawks’ 1st quarter scoring really stands out doesn’t it?  Or is it that they’ve outscored their opponents in all 4 quarters throughout those 16 home games?  Hence the 10.2 points winning margin!

Everyone knows it!  If you win just your homes games that alone can get you into the play-offs.  The Hawks proved that this season by winning only 2 games on the road all year!  Swap that loss to the Sixers with one of those 2 road wins and they are 16-0 at home and 1-15 on the road including play-off games!  Nevermind all that and they’re still 15-1 at home and 2-14 on the road.  In case you’ve forgotten……..the Hawks finished in second place!

However, to become the 2010 NBL Champions the Hawkees have finish up 3-14 on the road.  Strangely enough, it’s not as impossible as it seems if they can only take care of business tomorrow night.

In Game 1, when the Hawks stop allowing the Cats to casually bring the ball up the court and get into their offenses, but started to pressure the ball, especially in the half-court, not only did the Hawks get back into the game………they took the lead!  

The Hawks have to be tough and focused in both their half-court and transition defenses.  If Sav and Trigger can get going early and Sav avoids early foul trouble, that’ll definitely help!   

And lets not forget about dessert………….’Apple Turn-Overs’ anyone?  The Hawks average 19.5 over their 4 play-off games and the Wildcats only average 12 over 3 games. 

I’m aware of the ‘mud-slinging’ and attempted ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ that’s been on display by the coaches and journos in the media, but make no mistake about it……the Perth Wildcats DO NOT WANT a game 3!!!

They do not want to go back to Challenge Stadium with the ‘burden of expectation’ to win that game and their 5th NBL title. 

If the Hawks win Game 2…..they have the advantage!  Not the Wildcats!!  Believe that!!!

So, the next time you’re thinking about going out for dinner…….try some home-cooking instead! 

And if you want/need to side-step a ‘pressure’ situation, then avoid it totally, by taking care of your business….early!


They call me……….’Coach Tibbs’


February 28, 2010

What up Ballers? 

It’s Grand Final time and if I use my powers correctly, most of you are thinking……………….hmmm, “the Wildcats in 3”!  Without a doubt due to their possession of home-court advantage.

I concur.  I’m not saying it’s impossible for the Hawkees to win at Challenge Stadium, but the probability of them doing exactly that seems far-fetched, especially after only winning two games on the road all season long and recently scoring an all-time low of 53 points versus the Crocs in Townsville.

Let’s face it, the best road team (Townsville) just lost…..comprehensively! 

However, what are the chances of Perth winning the NBL Crown at the Sandpit??  Could they sweep?

No matter what happens, it should be a good series.  If Perth wins, than the Wildcats are all alone, both as the 2010 Premiers and also as the Boston Celtics of the NBL.

If the Hawks win, oh boy what a ‘Cinderella Story’ for that club, the Illawarra and the NBL! 

Anyway, statistics don’t tell the whole story, just part of it! 

So let’s go to the tape to see what they have to say and you can decide for yourselves!


(OVER 2 GAMES)          PLAY-OFFS          (OVER 3 GAMES)

PERTH WILDCATS                                          WOLLONGONG HAWKS

                                    18 / 1ST QUARTER / 21.6

                                    20 /2ND QUARTER / 21

                                    19 /3RD QUARTER / 17.3

                                   24.1 /4TH QUARTER / 16

                                   81.1 /TOTAL PTS PER GAME / 76

                                   73 / PTS AGAINST / 75.3

                                   46.8 / FG% / 50.5

                                   34 / 3PT% / 35.8

                                  73.1 / FT% / 71.7

                                  22.1 / DEF. REBOUNDS / 23.6

                                  10.1 / OFF. REBOUNDS / 8

                                  33 / TOTAL REBOUNDS / 31.6

                                  12.1 / ASSISTS / 14.3

                                  10.1 / TURNOVERS / 20

                                  5.1 / STEALS / 7.3

                                  2.1 / BLOCKED SHOTS / 5

                                  17 / FOULS / 16

                                  18 / FOULS ON / 18

                                 35 / POINTS IN PAINT / 30

                                  5 / 2ND CHANCE POINTS / 5.3

                                 10.1 / POINTS OFF TURNOVERS / 7.6

Does anything jump out at you?  It should! 

Stay tuned for Scouting Reports!


“They call me…..Coach Tibbs”


Congratulations to the ‘Statman’! Our Hops NBL Trivia Winner!

February 26, 2010

The fourth winner of INSIDE THE GAME’S ‘Hops NBL Trivia Competition’ is Mark Slocombe, AKA ‘The Statman’!

Congrats Mark, I’m sure it wasn’t too difficult. Your shoes are in the mail.

We appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices over the years that you’ve made towards the betterment of the game!

Stay strong, good luck and thanks for your support.

Here are the questions and correct answers Mark submitted;

1) Who was the first Australian to be drafted into the NBA!
Eddie Palubinskas: Pick 7 in round 4 by the Atlanta Hawks in 1974

2) Which Australian player recorded the highest scoring debut in the NBL?
Joe Ingles: 29 points for the South Dragons at the New Zealand Breakers

3) Who was the only NBL MVP that was not named a member of the All-Star First Team in the same season?
Jumpin’ Joe Hurst in 1988

See ya next week Ballers,



February 25, 2010

Finally, the Townsville Crocodiles have rediscovered their Cojones!!!

Apparently, they are no longer playing like a bunch of girls shooting rect…….ah, ah, yeah uhm, something like that!! Well let’s move on, why don’t we!

Maybe check out one of my favorite blogs; (JRonFire / A Stern Warning / Can’t Buy a Basket) or the forum to find the actual quote!

I don’t want to get shut down over Hindu’s ‘half-time highlights’! Follow me!

Anyway, it’s good to see the Crocs administer some psychological whoop-ass of their own Wednesday night on the Hawks of Wollongong!

I, like most of you, were interested to see if the Crocs made any adjustments to the butt-kicking they received in the Gong Friday night.

Gordie McLeod decided quite some time ago that he was not going to allow ‘One’ player to beat him. They’ve beaten the Crocs 4 out of 5 times and you couldn’t help but believe that the Hawks would sweep after the Crocs made no adjustments whatsoever in that last game! N-O-N-E!!!

The Martin Boys were instructed to sit under the basket and clog-up the lanes and/or even meditate, whenever Homicide had the ball. Last night Homicide decided that he was not only going to take those ‘WIDE-OPEN’ shots….but make a few. And he did! (CONFIDENCE ANYONE?)

The Crocs took it to the Hawks early, often and in closing. Homicide was a catalyst, with solid support from Hindu, Big Ro, Ho, Tov and B-Rad!

“Willing and Able”: You must not allow a defense/defender to play off you like that! You can’t allow them to have that type of impact on your confidence and psych!!!

It’s imperative that you show them that you’re ‘WILLING’ to take the shot, period. NOW, if you’re ‘ABLE’ to knock a few down than that’s even better. If you can muster the courage to do that……watch the opposition get sucked out of their game plan. Why, because no one want to get score on and our instincts can sometimes override our brains.

Well KB, just because he hits a couple, doesn’t mean he will beat you with that shot! True. But it doesn’t mean that he can’t either. If he knocks one down at the right time….Wow-Weeeeee! But the chances of doing that depend greatly upon him taking those same shots throughout the ball game to develop a feel, rhythm and confidence.

In many cases he doesn’t even have to make them. As long as his teammates know that he ‘WILL’ shoot it…..then they can get into rebounding position!

Furthermore, with the Martin Boys playing that far off Homicide, it was nice to see him post a bit, but he could also set some really good screens to free up his teammates especially with his size and strength.

Imagine by setting a few down-screens with his defender that far off…..who’s going to step-up or switch onto B-Rad and Cedar coming off? The Martin Boys are almost Out-Of-Bounds dude!! Not to mention Hindu and Hoare!

Imagine Homicide setting back-screens therefore forcing the defense to switch. He can dump it inside to his bigs or take the opposition bigs off the dribble to score or penetrate and kick!

This Saturday, let’s see if the Crocs can withstand the Hawks’ first quarter flurry and at least stay close, continue to be aggressive as a team and get Homicide playing ‘off the ball’ a little more in the half-court. For DJ Rod’s sake……I hope so.

As for the Hawks…..well they will be back in the Sandpit where they’ve lost only one game all year long. Enough said!

And that’s my two cents!


The Results are in for ITG’s Hops NBL Trivia Competition: And the winner is………….

February 23, 2010

Craig Poole!!  Craig becomes the 3rd winner of ITG’s Hops NBL Trivia Competition for Episode 28.  

Congrats to him and his ‘FREE’ brand new pair of Hops Footwear is in the mail. 

Below are the correct answers to our questions emailed in my Craig: 

1)  Who were Brisbane’s first two imports with NBA experience?  Give us their names & the year in which they played. 

-Andre Moore
1987 NBA draft 31st Pick overall – Denver Nuggets
Milwaukee Bucks 3 games
Denver Nuggets 7 Games
Avg 2.4pts

Brisbane Bullets 1990-94
Hobart Devils 1995
Cairns Taipans 1999 

-Winston Crite
1987 NBA Draft 7th Pick, 3rd round Phoenix Suns
1987/88 played 29 games avg 3pts
1988/89 2 games

Brisbane Bullets 1989 

2)  In 1998 Adelaide’s two imports both had NBA experience.  In the early nineties,  a Victorian team and also a team north of Victoria had a similar situation.  Name the players, NBL teams & years! 

-Geelong Supercats 1993
Adrian Branch – 1986/87 Los Angeles Lakers, 87/88 New Jersey Nets, 88/89 Portland, 89/90 Minnesota
-Geelong Supercats 1993
Michael Fitzgerald Morrison – 1990 Phoenix Suns, 1993 Washington Bullets


-Newcastle Falcons 1992
Terry Dozier – 1989/1990 Charlotte Hornets
-Newcastle Falcons 1992
Everette Stephens – 1988/89 Indiana Pacers, 1990/91 Milwaukee Bucks
-There was also; Adrian Branch & Andre Moore / Brisbane / 1992 

3)  Name the ‘five’ NBL imports that were Top 20 NBA Draft Picks?  Name them. 

 Todd Lichti (pick 15 in 1989)
Kevin Brooks (pick 18 in 1991)
Acie Earl (pick 19 in 1993)
Randolph Childress (pick 19 in 1995)
Tod Fuller (pick 11 1996)

-There was also Julius Hodge (pick 20 2005)

See ya next week! 



My two cents! Game 1: Perth vs Gold Coast

February 22, 2010

What up Ballers? 

Though I haven’t seen every game this season played by the Perth Wildcats, I’m sure that Coach Beveridge will admit that Game 1’s efforts were the best or one of their best defensive performances of the year!

They simply took the Gold Coast Blaze’s rhythm away even before they could establish any…..if that makes sense?

Their ball pressure up the floor gave Gibson, Harvey (who doesn’t like handling the ball anyway), Goulding and even their frontcourt players the absolute ‘blues’!  That pressure took the Blaze completely out of their team and individual mojos!

The Cats were focused, executed better and quicker to the punch all night long!

On Tuesday, the Blaze have to do a better job getting the ball into the frontcourt and their offense quicker.  Their spacing is normally good but they didn’t consistently exploit the mis-matches after the Wildcats switched the on-balls. 

Furthermore, at least one of those bigs, (Petrie, Maxey, Vukona & Vanderjagt) need to have a big game, both scoring wise and on the boards.  The more the merrier.

In addition, the Blaze need to step-it-up defensively too.  They gave up entirely too many lay-ups and uncontested jumpshots, especially in the first half!

I predict that the Blaze will win tomorrow night on the Gold Coast and if they do…they’ll also win back in Perth with or without Ubaka.  It’s imperative that they get into their stuff quicker, therefore managing Perth’s ball pressure.  Then we’ll see them once again take advantage of the match-ups!  If the bigs get going, that will take pressure off the perimeter players…….if not, Perth will sweep or win it back home!