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There’s no ‘Crying’ in Basketball!!…..There’s no ‘Crying’ in Basketball!!

November 9, 2010

What up ballers!  Check out my Round 4 Recap of the ‘New NBL’!

1st / Breakers: The Kiwis are coming….The Kiwis are coming!  And they’re bringing their undefeated record, top form & deep bench to the City of Churches.  Don’t know if they’re solid defensively, but like Bret Maher…..why concern yourself with defence when you can outscore your opponent!  Sweeeet ez!  [4-0]

2nd / Hawks: How many times can I ‘toot’ a man’s horn before people start asking questions?  But Gordie McLeod is hands down, the best coach in the competition!  His troops are confident, committed, prepared & NOW….even possess the ‘SWAGGA’ it takes to win on the road!  [4-1]

3rd / Taipans: After witnessing the Hawks contend for a championship last season with only 1 road win, it’s obvious what the Taipans are thinking!  Haven’t talked much about Ronald Dorsey, but he’s beginning to find some form!  OK, Phil Jones is officially stealing money now!   [2-2]

4th / Wildcats: With 6 of their first 10 games on the road, the Wildcats are sitting nicely.  Huge win versus Townsville in the Swamp….without Matty Knight!  But Bevo’s got something up his sleeve & I can’t wait until he unveils it!  [3-3]

5th / Blaze: Were courageous in their efforts versus the Breakers but shooting 2 of 24 from behind the arc stung a bit!  However, this is still a very dangerous team but wait…..Newsflash: Hercules, Hercules is here! [2-2]

6th / 36ers:  The Sixers executed their game plan to perfection against the Kings! Their energy on the court & sideline was great! Their team rebounding & scoring attack was balanced, their defensive schemes & rotations were on point and the extra pass was made religiously! BRAVO! [2-2] 

7th / Crocs:  The Crocs are getting hammered on the boards, giving away far too many points in the paint & are struggling to finish off close games!  I know there’s not much to do in Townsville, but please….lay off the ‘potion’ dudes! Too much Mr. Hyde & not enough Dr. Jekyll! [2-3]

8th / Kings: The Kings were competitive versus the Sixers, but came unravelled down the stretch.  Taj & Grizz struggled & the Sixers were hanging off Khazzouh like Christmas ornaments!  But boy, was I impressed with young Luke Cooper!  [1-3] 

9th / Tigers:  That’s two games of respectable basketball in a row for the Tigers!  ‘Raise the Roof’!  Yes, they’re very young, therefore confidence is vital, but that comes from winning & all I can see is wooden utensils in my crystal ball!  [0-4]


Because of their Round 4 performances, at their next pre-game meal, these guys deserve the……………

  • Luke Cooper – Kings
  • Troy De Vries – 36ers
  • Glen ‘Hellboy’ Saville – Hawks
  • Shawn Redhage – Wildcats
  • Gary Wilkinson – Breakers


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‘The Brutha Down Unda’

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