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October 24, 2010


What up ballers!  Rounds 1 & 2 in the ‘NEW’ NBL have produced a few of the worst punches………you know, the ones you don’t see coming!

1st / Breakers: The Kiwis get their 1st road win in a hostile environment & then back it up with a come-from-behind win versus the defending champs; Sweeeet ez!  I think the Kiwis are more balanced & a better team without Kirk Penney!  Yea, I said it!!  2-0

2nd / Hawks: Ladies & Gentleman, I introduce to you…..Mr. Gary Ervin. The Hawks don’t need to eat out when their ‘home-cooking’ is soooo good!  The ‘Injury Bug’ has struck, but it doesn’t seem to matter….they just find a way to win!  2-0!

3rd / Kings: They emphatically cut down the “Ents” of the NBL & gave the Breakers cause for concern.  Are they for real? Doesn’t matter, as long as they’re competitive!  1-1 

4th / Taipans: Great signing for the Taipans picking up Loughton, but he needs help! Phil Jones would already be home if he was an import! But they’re content at 1-1!

5th / Blaze: Notoriously slow starters; they stole one from the Crocs!  Mark wasn’t worthy, but now he is! Goulding too!  The Blaze are in better shape than they should be!  1-1

6th / 36ers:  That all-important 1st win is behind them, now comes the equally important 1st ‘road win’! Lots of new parts, roles are still being worked out! But Adam needs more Balls!  1-1

7th / Wildcats:  What a debut for the defending champs!  1-2 is a heck of a lot better than 0-3 though…but they’re definitely missing something!  Bevo’s a cool customer…if they can win a few, he’ll hold off on the import until the 2nd half of the season!

8th / Crocodiles:  These guys should be 3-0 sitting on top of the NBL ladder!  Instead they’re suffering from an acute case of heartburn!  The shares for ‘Quick-Eze’ just hit an all-time high in Townsville.  1-2 

9th / Tigers:  In the words of esteemed Former US President George W. Bush, “the right hand (he’s holding up his left-hand) doesn’t know what the left-hand (now he’s holding up his right-hand) is doing”.  Need I say more!  0-2


Because of their Round 1 & 2 performances, at their next pre-game meal,

these guys deserve the……………

  • Gary Ervin – Hawks
  • Kevin Lisch – Wildcats
  • Tom Abercrombie – Breakers
  • Alex Loughton – Taipans
  • Julian ‘KING’ Khazzouh – Kings


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‘The Down Unda Brotha’

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