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Craig Poole does it again!

March 20, 2010

Congratulations once again to Craig Poole, two-time winner of the Hops NBL Trivia Competition.  Unfortunately Ballers, this was the last trivia competition for this NBL season, so on behalf of the ‘Golden Child’ and myself….thank you for your participation.

Below are the questions and answers:

1) The Adelaide Lightning’s run of consecutive years in the play-offs ended this season after how many years in a row?  17

2) Which Australian born player posted the highest individual score in the NBL this season?  Mark Worthington, 31pts vs the Gold Coast Blaze in Week 4

3) Who is the only NBL player to play for different clubs in the same season on 2 occasions?  Matt Shanahan – 2000 (1gm for the Wollongong Hawks & 22gms for the Cairns Taipans) / 2003 (10gms for the Wollongong Hawks & 8gms for the Canberra Cannons)

Until next season….Holla,


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