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The Envelope Please………..Sara Krivickas from Adelaide!!

March 10, 2010

Sara is the, (SAY IT LOUD) “Winner, Winner-Chicken Dinner” of last weeks Hops NBL Trivia Competition.

Yea, that’s right boys, you got your asses kicked… a chick!  Now, now,  you can lick your wombs some other time because it’s ‘CEL-E-BRATION’ time for Sara on a job well down. 

We had quite a few entries but only two ballers got it right.  Sara’s email arrived first!  Most had Ronaldson’s number of games played wrong!

Anyway, Sara will receive her new, free pair of Hops Footwear shortly; they’re already in the mail and how coool is that!

Just in case you’re wondering what the correct answers are, think no more! 

1) Tony Ronaldson retired with more NBL games played than anyone else in history.  How many games did he play?


2) In 2007, the Tigers David Barlow set a NBL record by doing what?

Barlow went ‘100%’ from the field; shooting 14-14FG & 8-8 3ptr for a career high 37pts at the ‘Cage’ vs the New Zealand Breakers.

3) Who has been part of the NBL as both a player and a coach for over 20 seasons, but has not been part of a NBL Championship winning team?

Gordie McLeod – 12 seasons as a player & 10 seasons as a coach

The last question could be history instead of trivia by this weekend!

See ya next week Ballers,


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