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There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home………….

March 8, 2010

What up ballers!  Sorry about the ‘Scouting Reports’!  Go ahead….I’ve been called ‘Slack’ before!

Anyway, the Wollongong Hawks are about to face their ‘Do or Die’ Game 2 of the NBL Grand Final Series versus the Perth Wildcats and if there’s anything that we should have learnt from Dorothy…………(see above title).

The Home-boys are an impressive 15-1 at the WIN Entertainment Centre, tasting the agony of defeat only at the hands of a red-hot shooting Adelaide team.

But let’s take a closer look at the numbers by the Hawks and their opponents in those 16 games at the Sandpit:

Hawks –                    1st          2nd          3rd           4th           Total

                                      24.5        22.1          20.0         21.5             88.1

Opposition –          1st           2nd          3rd          4th           Total

                                      17.6         20.5          18.3         21.4            77.9

Notice anything?  The Hawks’ 1st quarter scoring really stands out doesn’t it?  Or is it that they’ve outscored their opponents in all 4 quarters throughout those 16 home games?  Hence the 10.2 points winning margin!

Everyone knows it!  If you win just your homes games that alone can get you into the play-offs.  The Hawks proved that this season by winning only 2 games on the road all year!  Swap that loss to the Sixers with one of those 2 road wins and they are 16-0 at home and 1-15 on the road including play-off games!  Nevermind all that and they’re still 15-1 at home and 2-14 on the road.  In case you’ve forgotten……..the Hawks finished in second place!

However, to become the 2010 NBL Champions the Hawkees have finish up 3-14 on the road.  Strangely enough, it’s not as impossible as it seems if they can only take care of business tomorrow night.

In Game 1, when the Hawks stop allowing the Cats to casually bring the ball up the court and get into their offenses, but started to pressure the ball, especially in the half-court, not only did the Hawks get back into the game………they took the lead!  

The Hawks have to be tough and focused in both their half-court and transition defenses.  If Sav and Trigger can get going early and Sav avoids early foul trouble, that’ll definitely help!   

And lets not forget about dessert………….’Apple Turn-Overs’ anyone?  The Hawks average 19.5 over their 4 play-off games and the Wildcats only average 12 over 3 games. 

I’m aware of the ‘mud-slinging’ and attempted ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ that’s been on display by the coaches and journos in the media, but make no mistake about it……the Perth Wildcats DO NOT WANT a game 3!!!

They do not want to go back to Challenge Stadium with the ‘burden of expectation’ to win that game and their 5th NBL title. 

If the Hawks win Game 2…..they have the advantage!  Not the Wildcats!!  Believe that!!!

So, the next time you’re thinking about going out for dinner…….try some home-cooking instead! 

And if you want/need to side-step a ‘pressure’ situation, then avoid it totally, by taking care of your business….early!


They call me……….’Coach Tibbs’

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