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February 28, 2010

What up Ballers? 

It’s Grand Final time and if I use my powers correctly, most of you are thinking……………….hmmm, “the Wildcats in 3”!  Without a doubt due to their possession of home-court advantage.

I concur.  I’m not saying it’s impossible for the Hawkees to win at Challenge Stadium, but the probability of them doing exactly that seems far-fetched, especially after only winning two games on the road all season long and recently scoring an all-time low of 53 points versus the Crocs in Townsville.

Let’s face it, the best road team (Townsville) just lost…..comprehensively! 

However, what are the chances of Perth winning the NBL Crown at the Sandpit??  Could they sweep?

No matter what happens, it should be a good series.  If Perth wins, than the Wildcats are all alone, both as the 2010 Premiers and also as the Boston Celtics of the NBL.

If the Hawks win, oh boy what a ‘Cinderella Story’ for that club, the Illawarra and the NBL! 

Anyway, statistics don’t tell the whole story, just part of it! 

So let’s go to the tape to see what they have to say and you can decide for yourselves!


(OVER 2 GAMES)          PLAY-OFFS          (OVER 3 GAMES)

PERTH WILDCATS                                          WOLLONGONG HAWKS

                                    18 / 1ST QUARTER / 21.6

                                    20 /2ND QUARTER / 21

                                    19 /3RD QUARTER / 17.3

                                   24.1 /4TH QUARTER / 16

                                   81.1 /TOTAL PTS PER GAME / 76

                                   73 / PTS AGAINST / 75.3

                                   46.8 / FG% / 50.5

                                   34 / 3PT% / 35.8

                                  73.1 / FT% / 71.7

                                  22.1 / DEF. REBOUNDS / 23.6

                                  10.1 / OFF. REBOUNDS / 8

                                  33 / TOTAL REBOUNDS / 31.6

                                  12.1 / ASSISTS / 14.3

                                  10.1 / TURNOVERS / 20

                                  5.1 / STEALS / 7.3

                                  2.1 / BLOCKED SHOTS / 5

                                  17 / FOULS / 16

                                  18 / FOULS ON / 18

                                 35 / POINTS IN PAINT / 30

                                  5 / 2ND CHANCE POINTS / 5.3

                                 10.1 / POINTS OFF TURNOVERS / 7.6

Does anything jump out at you?  It should! 

Stay tuned for Scouting Reports!


“They call me…..Coach Tibbs”


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  1. Beantown permalink
    March 1, 2010 2:08 am

    Does anything jump out at me from those stats? Yup, the Hawks average 20 TO’s per game! Combine that with McKee being out and the pressure the Cats backcourt usually applies and you’ve got trouble for the Hawks. I’m thinking the Cats are bringing a broom to Wollongong! They’re gonna make it a Tidy Town, not a Title Town! 🙂

    p.s. – Go Hawks!

    • insidethegameshow permalink*
      March 1, 2010 6:34 am

      LOL! Well said, Beantown! The Hawkees are turning the ball over at quite a high clip and we both know the Wildcats will definitely pressure the ‘!#&*’ out of their backcourt!

      The Hawks may look to Sav or their bigs to take some of the pressure off the ‘Martin Boys’ by taking over some of the ball-handling duties.

      Furthermore, the Wildcats are scoring more points and giving up less to go along with their home-court advantage!

      But if I read you correctly, you’re predicting a Wildcat ‘Sweep’ and yet you’re supporting the Hawks.



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