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“In the regular season you make your name….but in the play-offs you make your fame”! -The Big O

February 17, 2010

What up ballers?  Sorry it’s taken so long for me to drop some knowledge…..but I’ve been suffering from a severe case of ‘writer’s block’!  Not to mention I had to endure a doctor shoving a ‘Minolta’ up my ass last week……..but that’s for another time!

Now that I’m able to walk again, let’s talk some hoops! 

The NBL regular season is over and what an entertaining season it was!  The top 4 spots were ‘up for grabs’ practically the entire season and never have I experienced such unpredictable jostling by teams so evenly balanced! 

There were Guns & Roses (Welcome to the Jungle) and Who you calling an Under-dog?  Homicidal Tendencies and The Empire Strikes Back!  The Chosen Few and The Giant Killing Wannabes!  And last but certainly not least……Blinded by the Light and Guess Who’s Coming to Play Tonight!  All in all, anyone could truly have been beaten on any given night! 

Entertaining?  Yes!  Never-Racking?  And you know this man!!!!!!!!!!

Series 1 of the play-offs start tomorrow night in Perth with the 1st place Wildcats taking on the 4th place Gold Coast Blaze.  I wouldn’t say the Blaze have the Wildcats’ number, but they have beaten them 3 out of 4 times including giving the Jungle their first home loss of the season & therefore could continue to cause match-up problems for the Wildcats.  Not to mention the extra motivation for Harvey and Goulding! 

However, without CH-Ubaka and Petrie coming off an ankle injury, it’ll be tough to think that the Blaze can take them, but that’s who I’m going with!

In Series 2, it’s the Wollongong Hawks versus The Croc Nation.  Head Coach Gordie McLeod has guided his ‘Cinderella’ team to 3 wins over the Homicidal Crocs and the Hawkees have home-court advantage to boot!  They’ve done an exceptional job on Corey Williams but over the past few rounds, his teammates have really stepped up in his absence.  Nevertheless, I’m taking the Hawkees in 3 dog!

Well, now that my nose has been picked…….I’m outta here!  We’ll discuss the Grand Final laterrrrrrrr. 

Sit back, relax, pop a cold-one, let the wifey sit under your arm-pits and try to enjoy the Play-offs!



P.S.  Be prepared for an 8-team league for some time to come!

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