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Should Hodge have been fined and/or suspended by the NBL?

December 8, 2009

Yo ballers, sorry but no!  I do not think that Hodge should have been and Chuck Harmison and the NBL got this one right!  Now…..I’ve already stated for the record how I felt about Hodge’s behavior, however, in my opinion it did not warrant a fine or suspension by the NBL.

If anyone was going to be fined and/or suspended…..I thought that it might have been Fitzy or a few fans.  But I don’t think that will happen either.

Now, I’m well aware how many of you devout Brettholics feel about what took place Saturday night and I’m also aware of how Brett feels himself, and admittedly there are at least two occasions during our playing days when I actually witnessed Mazzee ‘walk on water’, but nevertheless, Hodge did not strike or spit on Brett, an official, any of the Sixers, nor any fan(s).

Ok KB, did he or did he not bring the game into disrepute?  And if he did…..why isn’t that a punishable offence?  Now that’s the ‘million dollar’ question!  Lets see, the dictionary defines disreputable, as “lacking respectability in character or behavior or appearance”.

Ummm, GUILTY!  But it still doesn’t command a fine and/or suspension!  Than what does?  (See above paragraph)

I don’t think the league really had a leg to stand on because Chuck stated it clearly, “Whilst it is clear that Hodge’s actions on Saturday night were ill-conceived and juvenile, we do not consider them to be a breach of the AFL’s Code of Conduct”.  Oops, my bad, he would have gotten two-games easy in footy if not more, but we’re talking about the NBL’s Code of Conduct and that’s obviously a bit different.

Yo, you didn’t know that I could read minds, did you……well I can!  “Well for the love of Pete, why don’t the NBL rewrite their damn Codes of Conduct and bring them up to the level of the AFL?”

Maybe they will, but let’s say that the NBL did fine and/or suspend Hodge.  Could they have been sued for enforcing that which does not exist in their own codes?

Or did the NBL simply not have the BALLS?  I mean they did just fine Seamus McPeake $15,000, suspended the Tigers court announcer for two games and fined both the Wildcats and the Blaze $1500 each.  So I just can’t see them passing up another opportunity to add to their end of the season, ‘How To Be A Player Fund’!!  Which by the way, Tiger has invested heavily in!

You tell me?


P.S. Sorry Woo, I couldn’t resist.  Rule #1…..don’t text or leave messages on the fricking answering machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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